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halfsquatch: a serial novel by pamela klaffke

seventeen-year-old rebecca richman is an outcast in her yukon town, spending her days making over thrift store dolls and dreaming of art school. but when rebecca’s family secret is exposed, her life is turned upside-down in this story of exploitation, identity — and hair removal.

the revelations shock the small community and have ramifications for everyone in rebecca’s life – particularly for her father, bob, and for her best friend, and fellow goth teen, dave thompson.

as word of rebecca’s hidden history spreads, she’s branded a freak and retreats, while those around her scramble to capitalize on the situation, motivated by greed and fame. suddenly at the centre of an international media storm, rebecca is a reluctant celebrity. opportunists abound and she soon finds her relationships in turmoil and unsure whom she can trust. conniving reporters and reality television producers meet goth teens and sasquatch hunters in the canadian north, a backdrop littered with mummified cats, first-time sex and giant cinnamon buns.

from the tourist-filled streets of summertime in whitehorse to vancouver’s bohemian art scene, halfsquatch is an unforgettable romp through rebecca’s changing world, with results are at once comic and touching.

drawing on legend, myth and history, halfsquatch is a fantastical tale that marries contemporary social drama with sly pop culture commentary, and invites readers along for the ride as rebecca overcomes the humiliating trials of youth, ultimately finding acceptance and hope in the most unlikely places.

check the halfsquatch main page daily from may 21 to september 1, 2008, for new story installments.

any queries or comments may be emailed to contact@pamelaklaffke.com.

* special thanks to erik whittaker in vancouver for the logo design, and to bruce barrett in whitehorse for his much-appreciated assistance rounding up collage materials. thank you also to the great staff at vistek, technicare and mona lisa artists' materials in calgary, my agents carolyn swayze and kris rothstein at the swayze agency in vancouver, and clint adam smyth in toronto for his help when i'd get stuck in html hell.

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