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previously.... whitehorse goth teen rebecca richman has been outed by the local newspaper as being half-human, half-sasquatch. to make matters worse, she's just lost her viginity to her best friend, dave, then subsequently kicked his ass when she discovered sasquatch-related porn on his computer screen. she's not speaking to her father, and her mother — the lady sasquatch — has been shot dead by dave's dad, tucky. and now that her family secret is out rebecca must contend with the media frenzy. but an unexpected invitation from eccentric vancouver art patron, yoshi oba, leads rebecca out of town and into a new life at the unusual art motel artists' centre. meanwhile, back in whitehorse, tucky thompson has unveiled the sasquatch circus, a tacky tourist attraction to exploit the dead lady sasquatch.

rebecca settles into the art motel and meets devin, an attractive, rising art star who quickly befriends her. the two become close as the residents of the art motel prepare for the annual open house and art show extravaganza. in whitehorse, the sasquatch circus attracts a documentary film crew who enlist the thompson family's help in slapping together a quickie television special called sasquatch summer. the open auditions for the role of rebecca in the film's re-enactment scenes brings out all the local wannabe stars, including tucky thompson's right-hand-man, stew.

stew lands the part and rebecca's sister julie gets a job working on the film as a production assistant, much to the dismay of her family. and in vancouver, rebecca is finally starting to feel the acceptance she's always yearned for: her friendship with devin has turned romantic and she's starring in a fashion show at the art motel.

after her success on the catwalk, rebecca decides it's time to head home to whitehorse and confront her father and reclaim what's rightfully hers. bob recounts the story of his romance with the lady sasquatch while his current wife, lisa, is getting drunk around town and sleeping with men in their 20s.

rebecca starts to gain more confidence in her looks and in her history, and she teams up with an animal rights group to help stop the exploitation of her mother at tucky's sasquatch circus. but just as things seems to be going well, she is dealt a devastating blow when she discovers devin may not be the perfect boyfriend she hoped he was.

after it is confirmed that devin has been using her all along, she's heartbroken, but it doesn't take long before she's back in the spotlight, fighting tucky thompson in court for custody of her mother's body. rebecca wins the case and the handover of the lady sasquatch is set for midnight, the night of the broadcast premiere of sasquatch summer.

things, of course, do not go as planned and after the premiere, chaos ensues with a drunk tucky thompson burning his sasquatch circus to the ground in an effort to keep rebecca from giving her mother a proper and respectful burial. but salvation comes from the most unlikely source and rebecca and the lady sasquatch are finally reunited, albeit in a way no one could have predicted.





                                                                                                                                                          ©2008 pamela klaffke