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hs101150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 101

Much of the audience at the Sasquatch Summer premiere was on its feet applauding when the lights came up. Music played and tuxedoed servers milled around with trays of mini-Bigfoot Cinnamon Buns that Andrea Thompson had made especially for the party. Lisa Richman waved a waiter away. “If I eat anything this dress will burst,” she said to Bob. Her black taffeta dress was short and strappy and very tight through the torso; at the hip it exploded into a bubble-shaped pouf skirt.

Bob was distracted. No matter where he looked it seemed as though Helene was watching him. “What was that?”

“Never mind,” Lisa said.

“Hey you!” It was Ben, the university dropout from Saskatchewan she’d picked up at Paddy’s Place.

“Hi,” she said awkwardly.

Ben extended his hand to Bob. “Hey. I’m Ben.”


“My husband.”

“Your husband.”

Lisa took Bob’s hand. The shock of her touch made him jump.

“Well, it was nice seeing you,” Ben said, walking away.

“You too,” said Lisa. She gulped back the rest of her beer and gave the empty to Bob. “Maybe you could get me another?”

Rebecca stood in front of the Lady Sasquatch sipping a glass of mineral water.

“I’m glad, you know, that she’s going home with you.”

In another part of the tent, Rebecca spun around to find Dave Thompson. “Look, I’m not going to bug you or whatever. It’s just, I’m leaving tomorrow for school in Dawson and I wanted you to have this.” He reached into one of the deep pockets on the front of his long, sweeping back jacket and pulled out the top of a Russian nesting doll. “I was cleaning out the lost-and-found at the lodge. It’s been there forever. I figured if anyone was going to claim it they would’ve already and, I mean, what are we going to do with a half a doll? But it reminded me of you.”

Rebecca gasped then opened her purse and produced the bottom half of the matryoshka doll she rescued from Dr. Tuttle’s trash. It was a perfect fit. They laughed together in astonishment.

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