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Although there was a sign posted clearly stating that no recording devices were to be used in the courtroom, and that all cellular telephones must be turned off, that didn’t stop an audio recording of Rebecca’s impassioned speech from leaking onto the Internet. Overnight, the recording was sampled by a Japanese girl band that released a song online. Halfsquatch Love Fever was a catchy summer pop song with a twist. It’s boppy nonsensical chorus — Halfsquatch love fever/Planet family tree/Don’t forget about me/Please, please let it be — juxtaposed with sober clips of Rebecca’s appeal for custody her mother made it an instant favourite among international trendmongers. The online music press caught on fast and soon the song was everywhere, including Tucky Thompson’s Sasquatch Circus.

It had in fact been Dave Thompson who recorded and leaked Rebecca’s speech. He’d done so anonymously and in hopes of drawing attention to Rebecca’s cause. This was accomplished in the most unexpected of ways. Dave reveled in the knowledge of his secret role in the making of the Halfsquatch Love Fever. Puffed up with newly found confidence he swapped the CD of Sasquatch theme songs that had played on repeat since Tucky opened the Sasquatch Circus for a continuous loop of Halfsquatch Love Fever.

Tucky Thompson was sitting at the bar inside the Sasquatch Circus tent for an hour before he realized the same song was playing over and over. He didn’t realize what that song was until fifteen minutes later. Years of being surrounded by people and noise had rendered him immune to the hum of background music. Via two-way radio he dispatched one of his uniformed security guards to “take that fucking song off” then returned to his conversation.

“I have to be honest with you. It doesn’t look good.”

Tucky was talking with his lawyer, who was drinking scotch and looking glum. The judge was expected to announce his ruling on the Lady Sasquatch custody case at any time. Tucky stared at the Lady Sasquatch, stuffed and standing proudly on her pedestal. What’s more dignified than that?

Tucky shot back a double whisky and ordered two more. The lawyer’s phone rang just as a woman slipped into the seat next to Tucky and ordered a glass of red wine. She pulled a newspaper out of her tote bag and slapped it down on the bar, momentarily distracting Tucky. BIG IN JAPAN, read the headline of the Reporter. And in smaller print: HALFSQUATCH CAUSE TURNS REBECCA INTO NEW BREED OF CELEB.
Tucky growled and turned his attention back to his lawyer, who nodded solemnly as he listened to an assistant from his office read the judge’s ruling. His face fell further. Tucky turned his head the other way only to be confronted with Rebecca’s face. The woman sitting next to him held her newspaper up with both hands. Tucky let out a scream and grabbed the paper. He ripped the front page off and tore it into tiny pieces that he stomped on once they fluttered to the ground.

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