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hs94150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 94

Rebecca’s mood lifted somewhat upon hearing Aaron’s news. The hood of the sweater she was wearing came down, the sunglasses off. Aaron filled Bob in on the plan to get the Lady Sasquatch – Helene – back. Bob said he’d do whatever he could to help. Bob read the clock on the wall. He’d been there for over an hour. “Shit. Lisa’s waiting outside in the car.”

“You can invite her in, I guess,” Rebecca said.

“You should show her and your dad the website,” Aaron said to Rebecca. And then to Bob: “Your girl is building up quite the fan base.”

Bob and Lisa and Aaron huddled around Rebecca as she logged on to the website. Something was wrong. The background colour was different and the layout had been changed. Aaron put his hand on her shoulder. “Here, let me see.”

Rebecca scrolled down the page, clicked on the mouse. “Devin,” she said.

Bob squinted at the screen. “Son of a bitch.” He turned to Aaron. “How could you let this happen?”

Devin said he’d take care of the domain registration — he’d fill out the forms, pay the fee with the money Aaron authorized from the Halfsquatch donation fund. But Aaron couldn’t remember ever seeing the paperwork. He scrambled to the other side of the table and booted up his laptop. “It’s his,” he said weakly.

Rebecca looked puzzled. “What do you mean it’s his?”

“He registered the domain in his name. It’s his.”

Rebecca stared at the screen. “No. It can’t be.”

“It’s his,” Aaron repeated.

Rebecca clicked through the site. There were three main pages. On the first, Devin was auctioning one-of-a-kind pictures of Rebecca that he’d painted on small slabs of wood. Rebecca in repose, naked and laughing, Rebecca sleeping, naked and curled tight like a ball, Rebecca standing in water, holding a fish above her head — she was naked in this one as well. All paintings are original and signed by the artist. On the second page, Devin was selling tiny baggies of Halfsquatch hair, complete with a certificate of authenticity. He’d made copies of the DNA test that the geneticist in Edmonton had issued that definitively determined was half-human, half-other. Halfsquatch hair is a must-have for any serious Sasquatch aficionado.

Rebecca clicked to the third page. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE TO VIEW THIS PAGE. She started to cry. Subscribe now to start receiving Devin’s Diary, your daily dose of Halfsquatch e-mail erotica. True stories! Only $19.95 per month! All of Rebecca’s diary entries, all of the messages from fans – everything was gone.

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