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hs92150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 92

Now that he was face-to-face with Bob Richman: bad apple, perv, sicko, Aaron wasn’t sure what to say. He hadn’t given any thought to his organization’s position on Bob’s situation. He quickly weighed what he knew. Bob Richman was at one point an admitted hunter. He had sex with the Lady Sasquatch. However squeamish this made Aaron, he had to keep in mind that Bob did not kill her. And he was Rebecca’s father and he might be able to help. Aaron opened the door wide and smiled. “Bob Richman, hello. Come on in.”

It took some coaxing to get Rebecca to come out of the bedroom. Aaron negotiated with her through the closed door while Bob waited downstairs. Rebecca would come out providing that no one – this meant Bob – tried to hug her and that neither her father nor Aaron look directly at her. “I don’t want anyone to see me,” she cried.

Once downstairs, Rebecca sunk into a corner of the couch. The hood of a black sweater Aaron recognized as Devin’s was pulled up over her head and she wore sunglasses. Aaron laid out a print from the previous day’s photo shoot on the coffee table for Rebecca to see.

The black-and-white photograph was striking. There was Rebecca, sitting naked, her body twisted into itself. Her kohl-rimmed eyes were unmistakably sad. No one, Aaron thought, could with a clear conscience buy or wear fur after seeing this picture. It was so moving that he’d been on the phone earlier with a media agency in New York securing more ad space in the winter fashion magazines. “See – the ad’s going to look great,” he said.

Rebecca wasn’t about to concede that the photo was good. “Well, the Sasquatch freaks will like it, I guess. And I’m sure Devin will get a good laugh.”

She stuck a finger under her sunglasses and wiped a tear. Bob leapt from his chair and started toward Rebecca. He wanted to console her, to make everything okay.

Aaron flung himself in Bob’s path and eased him back into the chair. “No hugging.”

“Right. Sorry. I forgot.”

“The ad isn’t the only big news I have for you today, Rebecca. And it’s something I think your dad will be excited about as well,” Aaron said.

“What? Devin’s been killed in a karmic accident,” Rebecca said sarcastically.

“Better,” Aaron said.

“I have a hard time believing anything could possibly be better than that,” Bob said. Rebecca glanced at her father. A small smile crawled up her face.

“It’s the second-best news then,” said Aaron, going with the joke. “We got the custody hearing. Tucky Thompson is probably being served as we speak. If all goes as planned, your mother is going to be back where she belongs, Rebecca – with you.”

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