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hs86150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 86

Rebecca’s head hurt. Her body was sore. Her eyes stung and her mouth was dry. The night came back, chunks slicing through her hangover.

Dave Thompson was among the mob waiting for Rebecca as she exited the backstage area at Kara-fest. They came at her all at once, waving magazine and newspaper clippings, T-shirts for her to sign. Aaron produced a black felt-tipped pen from his pocket and gave it to Rebecca.

“Rebecca!” Dave called out to her as she approached. She stiffened. “Rebecca! Rebecca?” Dave’s voice grew softer as she marched away.

She wanted a drink – one, maybe two. She wanted a party and to meet all her new friends.

Aaron was clear: no smoking in the house; no one goes upstairs. “Remember, Rebecca. We’re doing that shoot tomorrow.” The photo was for an ad for Aaron’s animal rights organization. Just because I have fur doesn’t mean I wear fur.

Julie was there. And Stew. “She’s my sister, she’s my sister,” Julie said. She was drunk, hanging off Rebecca. Arguing with Lisa.

Lisa was there, serious and wasted. “I’m sorry, Rebecca. I’m sorry.” She gave her a sloppy hug.
Raylene was there, making out with a goateed boy. Nicole was annoyed. “Let’s go, Raylene. This party is lame.”

Jeremy was there, talking, talking. Huddled with Aaron, handshakes and notes.

Dave was there. “Rebecca! Rebecca!” Devin asked him to leave. Dave left a note. Devin tossed it into the fire pit in the backyard.

Paula was there. Rebecca found her upstairs with Devin, sitting close on the bed. “Where’s that CD? That one, you know. Devin?”

“It’s in the car. I’ll get it for you. I’ll be down in a minute.”

New friends were everywhere: “Take my picture with the Halfsquatch!” “Can you sign my shirt?” “You rock, Rebecca!” A teenage boy held up his hands in heavy metal devil horns. Rebecca copied him and raised her arms above the crowd. Everyone cheered.

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