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hs72150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 72

Rebecca worried about her bushy pubic hair and whether she smelled or tasted funny or fishy. In high school, the boys had forever been making jokes about going fishing for tuna or eating sushi. She’d stuck a finger inside herself once. She sniffed it, tasted it, and determined that it wasn’t so bad. But that was right after a bath, she reminded herself as Devin’s tongue worked its way through her hair and isolated her clitoris.

Rebecca shivered and pushed herself involuntarily into Devin’s face. She grunted and moved her hips. Devin raised his head for a moment. Rebecca looked down. His mouth and chin were wet and shiny. He pulled a springy hair from between his teeth, then lowered his head again.

Rebecca resisted the urge to kick him away, embarrassed, and close her legs. This is what people do. This is what people do when they’re in love.

She grunted again when Devin pressed his tongue hard on her clitoris as he moved two fingers inside of her. Rebecca stared up at the dome of the tent. She could hear the flies buzzing outside. Every time Devin thrust his fingers forward and deeper she couldn’t help but bear down on him. Her breasts flopped and jiggled. She strapped an arm across her chest, hoping to hold them in place. It was still light outside.

Devin swirled his tongue and moved his fingers faster. Rebecca forgot about the light. She let go of her breasts. Thoughts of eating sushi and bushy public hair vanished. She boxed Devin’s ears and held him between her knees. She groaned. Devin pried her legs apart and slid up her body. He pushed his cock inside of her just as she came.

He lifted her legs up so they straddled his shoulders. He came inside her then collapsed. Rebecca watched him sleep.

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