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That someone might see them worried Rebecca. Not that she would – or could – mention this, not with Devin’s cock stuffed in her mouth.

They had walked away from the busy campsite and around the lake until they were alone. Devin looked down at Rebecca. She was crouched, but not kneeling.

Rebecca tried to relax her throat the way she’d read in women’s magazines to do, but every time she took more than a couple of inches in, her muscles would contract and her eyes would water.

Rebecca tried her best to be silent and would stop for a moment and release Devin’s cock at even the slightest of involuntary sucking or slurping sounds. She tried to be clean, dabbing her chin with a tissue if a messy string of saliva threatened to drip onto Devin’s underwear or her skirt. But most of all she tried to remember to keep her lips curled under her teeth. This, she’d read in women’s magazines, was the most important part of oral sex – that and a woman’s willingness to do it.

When Devin held her head down on his cock Rebecca thought she’d choke and surely die. There was no pleasure in this – her nose digging into his musky public hair, the drool on her chin (the tissue was soaked and useless), her wet eyes and the mascara that she knew was undoubtedly smudged. She could feel Devin’s body tense, the head of his cock thicken in the back of her mouth. Rebecca knew what was next.

She tried to recall the details of the article, Oral Fixation! The Way to Your Man’s Heart is Not Through his Stomach! No teeth. Tongue. Steady pressure. Relax your throat. To swallow or not is a personal choice. Enjoy yourself!

Devin was going to come. He was going to come in her mouth. Rebecca braced herself and closed her eyes tight. It was warm and salty and felt like a flood of slime in her throat. She swallowed once, twice. Devin shuddered and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Rebecca stood. Her legs were stiff and wobbly. She turned away from Devin and wiped her mouth with her hand. She swiped a finger under each eye, leaving streaks of black makeup. Devin wrapped his arms around her from behind. “I’ll take care of you later,” he whispered.

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