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hs67150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 67

Rebecca skirted the after-party by passing through the kitchen and heading up the back stairs to her bedroom. Devin traipsed after her, followed by Stacey and Jimbeau.

“What did Yoshi say?” Stacey asked.

“She said to take my time and do whatever I needed to. She said she’d hold my room for six months.”

“That’s cool,” said Jimbeau.

Rebecca was still dressed in her runway outfit. The heavy makeup she wore congealed on her nose and chin. She unsnapped the bison capelet and handed it to Stacey.

“No. I want you to have it,” Stacey said.

“And this.” Jimbeau handed Rebecca a DVD. “It’s a copy of the background footage from the show.”
“I suppose you guys want some time to say goodbye,” Stacey said.

Rebecca looked at Devin and laughed. “No, that’s okay. We’re good.”

“I’m going with her,” Devin said.

Downstairs, the after-party was at maximum capacity and maximum volume, with Yoshi in the centre of it all. A middle-aged woman approached her. She was dressed in black jeans and a worn leather motorcycle jacket that was two sizes too big. Freshly trimmed asymmetrical bangs cut across her face. “Hello, Yoshi.”

Yoshi studied Lisa’s face. “You’ll have to forgive me – have we met?”

“Yes, of course, a long time ago. We had coffee – one time drinks. I am — I was — an artist.” Lisa was flustered.

“Indeed, I’m quite sure our paths did cross. However, I meet so many people….”

“It’s Lisa. Lisa Richman – used to be Collins, Lisa Collins.”

“Richman? You aren’t perhaps related to Rebecca Richman?”

“She’s my step-daughter,” Lisa said. “That’s why I’m here, actually — to talk to Rebecca. I can’t seem to find her in this crowd.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid Rebecca has left on a hiatus of sorts.”

“Where is she?”

“That I can’t say. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must attend to some of my other guests, but please, have a drink, enjoy yourself,” Yoshi said, her black China-chop swinging as she turned away.

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