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hs61150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 61

Rebecca had a routine. In the morning before she went down to breakfast she’d put on a black tank top and leggings and stand against the far wall in her bedroom and shoot six pictures of herself – three from the front, three from behind. Then she’d shower and dress and head down to the multi-media room and print off two copies of each photo. She’d bring the prints to the kitchen where she and Devin would discuss the portraits and ultimately decide on one. She’d tack that one up in her bedroom next to the one from the day before.

Her hair was noticeably thicker than the week before, and the week before that. Her legs and arms were covered in dark brown hair. A few patches sprouted from her shoulders. The hair on her inner thighs and buttocks grew in. Her pubic hair spread up her abdomen, stopping just shy of her belly button. Stray hairs grew around her nipples and along the line of her collarbone. Across her ribs and middle back the skin was smooth and nearly hairless, as were the palms of her hands and the bottoms of her feet. Her face bore only a thin layer of downy hair, although her eyebrows were thick and bushy.

She’d taken to brushing her arms, her legs – everywhere – with a short-bristled brush twice a day, before breakfast and at bedtime.

Late mornings she worked on her nesting dolls. She painted them black. She’d borrowed Devin’s decoupage supplies. She printed small copies of the photographs she’d taken of herself for the dolls’ outer shell and glued one on the front, one on the back. She opened her small window and finished them off with a shiny coat of spray sealant. When they were dry she’d number them with a permanent marker and sign the bottom.

Around one, she’d return to the kitchen and make sandwiches that she’d take to the park where Devin was working to finish his Totem Hole installation in time for the Vacancy show. But before she’d leave to meet Devin in the park, she’d stop in to see Stacey and Jimbeau.

Rebecca had agreed to take part in Stacey and Jimbeau’s multi-disciplinary performance, and they’d recently announced that her look – a swinging Bison hair capelet Stacey designed – would be the finale of the show.

Reporters still followed her whenever she left the Art Motel, but rather than scowling and hiding her face, Rebecca had taken to wearing oversize sunglasses and smiling for the cameras. They’d tail her to the park and shoot pictures of her and Devin eating, laughing, touching, kissing.

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