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“So Raylene and Nicole said they might come by later. With drinks.” Rebecca tried to sound nonchalant. She spelled out C-R-A-B-B-Y on the game board. They had set up a collapsible card table in the garage and were playing Scrabble.

Dave didn’t look up. “What?”

“Raylene and Nicole. They said they might come by.”

“Why?” Dave countered with B-I-S-C-U-I-T. Triple word score.

“I don’t know. Just to hang out, I guess.”

Dave snorted. “Uh-huh. They just want to hang out with the Lady Sasquatch, I’ll bet.”

Rebecca looked hurt. “Maybe. But they said they’d bring drinks.”

“Great.” Dave wasn’t convinced. “Whatever.”

“It could be fun,” Rebecca said tentatively. “They could help with the ice.”

That I would pay to see.”

Rebecca giggled. “Maybe your dad could hire them. They could be like those girls in bikinis who work in bars and sell beer out of big tubs of ice. He could charge extra.”

“Yeah. Twenty bucks for a shot of you and the Sasquatch. Thirty for you and the Sasquatch and the girls.”
“You should pitch it to him. Take a cut. Forget art school. Be a pimp.”

“Ha ha.” Dave looked at his watch and then at the Lady Sasquatch. “Shit. Gotta do the ice.”

“Want some help?”

Rebecca tore open a bag of ice and handed it to Dave, who stood on a stepladder at the back of the icebox and poured it in – and then another and another. Finally, he jumped down and started bailing water out of the basin. Rebecca circled around to the front of the icebox and scrutinized the Lady Sasquatch up close for the first time. She was taken aback by its size and bulk when Dave let her into the garage that evening. It looked more human than she expected, but not quite real, kind of like a movie star who’d been immortalized in wax, except smellier, hairier and with eyes that unmistakably had at one time lived. She was surprised and curious. She was not unmoved, but not driven to one of her empathetic episodes. That was the thing about Rebecca: her greatest empathy was reserved not for people or animals or creatures, but exclusively for things.

tomorrow: Jeremy bonds with the Sasquatch hunters.      

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