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hs23150.jpgbuy prints of select halfsquatch photographs at etsy or dawanda. (prints of all photographs are available upon request) day 23

“Rebecca! Hey, Rebecca!” Raylene Florio waved from across the street. “Hey, Rebecca – c’mere!”

Rebecca stepped into the street without checking for oncoming traffic. The ten minutes of Whitehorse rush hour was over.

Raylene and her friend Nicole were splayed out on chaise-style lawn chairs, sunning in bikini tops and low-rise cut-off shorts. They wore aviator sunglasses and matching white flip-flops.

Nicole mumbled hello. She was in Rebecca’s class throughout preschool, elementary school and junior high school. They graduated from the same high school the previous month, but Nicole hadn’t talked to her since first grade when Rebecca threw up on Nicole’s patent shoes after eating too much cake at her sixth birthday party; and she was quite sure Raylene had never spoken to her.

“Want one?” Raylene held up a glass. She sipped the milky drink through a bendy straw. “Paralyzers.”

“Sure. Yeah. Okay.”

Nicole reached to the side of her chaise and produced a pitcher. She handed it to Raylene to pour before settling onto her back, her nose in a celebrity tabloid magazine.

“I heard they dropped the charges with that whole cat thing,” Raylene said. She motioned for Rebecca to take a seat beside her.

“I think I’ll stand. But thanks.” Sweat was forming on her brow, her body was dripping — she didn’t want to get too close.

“I still can’t believe you guys stole that stupid cat. It’s too awesome. What’d it feel like anyway?”

“I don’t know. Heavier than I thought. Kind of brittle, I guess.”

“Gross,” said Nicole, not looking up from her magazine.

Rebecca glanced at her watch and slurped back the rest of her drink so fast it made her head dizzy and her body hotter, like it could combust if she stood there much longer.

“Gotta be somewhere?” Raylene asked.

“No. Sort of. Yeah, I guess.”

Raylene stared at her. “Well?”

“Oh.” Raylene Florio wants to know what I’m doing tonight? “I’m just probably going to the lodge later. To see Dave. You know, check out the Sasquatch thing.”

“Really?” Nicole piped up.

“Cool,” said Raylene.

“I still say there’s no way it’s for real,” said Nicole.

“And I wouldn’t give Dave’s creepy dad twenty bucks to find out.” Raylene laughed, then turned to Rebecca, “No offense.”

Rebecca shrugged and tried to maintain a casual pose even though she felt anything but.

“Hey! Maybe we could tag along,” said Raylene.

“I don’t know,” said Rebecca. “Dave has to kind of babysit the Sasquatch overnight and I’m not sure if I’m even supposed to be there or anything.”

“Well if he’s just got to sit up with the thing all night I’m sure he’d appreciate the company,” said Raylene. “Come on, Rebecca. It’ll be fun. And we’ll bring drinks.”


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