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All anyone wanted to talk about was the Lady Sasquatch Tucky Thompson shot. Was it true? Was it real? What have you heard?

Rebecca had heard plenty but knew practically nothing. She’d seen the newspaper, the picture of Tucky and his Sasquatch; tourists popped in all day in search of Sasquatch souvenirs at the shop where she worked. She wanted to call Dave but feared that his mother would pick up the phone.

During a regular shift at the Caribou Corner Gift Shoppe and Ice Cream Snack Shack Rebecca would scoop ice cream for seniors on group tours. They wore fanny packs and carried bulky camera bags. They were over from Alaska, either pre- or post-cruise. Then there were the families, gung-ho and happy to get away from The City until one of the kids gets a bad bug bite and dad discovers cell phone reception is sketchy. Then they’re grumpy and want ice cream. Young couples would come in as well, holding hands and ordering cones to share. The couples flustered Rebecca — she’d give them a strawberry cone when they’d ordered butter pecan. She’d apologize, but the couples would wave it away, and still give her a generous tip because, she figured, they were so very in love.

But ice cream sales were slow that day so Rebecca was instructed to work the floor, selling plush moose toys outfitted in hand knit sweaters featuring the Canadian flag and dreamcatcher earrings that were made in China. Kelly, Caribou Corner’s owner, was busy working the phone in his cramped office, trying to track down suppliers of Sasquatch memorabilia.

It was shortly before two – Rebecca knew this because she heard the roar of the 737 that came in daily from Vancouver at that time – when Dave appeared at the store. He was out on an errand run for his dad.
“Did you hear? The bar dropped the charges.”

It took Rebecca a moment to process this. She was watching a set of five-year-old twins pick out stuffed toys. They each chose a small friendly-looking grizzly bear, leaving one left on the shelf. One left out, she thought.

“That’s great news, huh?”

“Oh, yeah. Sure. No trial, I guess.”


“Your mom still pissed?”

Dave laughed. “It’s hard to tell. I think she’s more mad at my dad right now for filling her meat freezer with the Sasquatch.”

“It’s for real?”

“It’s real alright. You gotta see it,” Dave said. “You allowed out?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“I gotta pick up some more nails and a pizza for dad and Stew. Wanna come?”

Rebecca nodded. “Just let me check with Kelly.”

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