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Tucky entered his son’s bedroom with the flourish of a parade marshal – or a flag-waving politician on the campaign trail. But instead of a flag, he waved a copy of the day’s newspaper. He placed the tabloid-sized paper down in front of Dave, who hoped his father wouldn’t comment on the smell of sweat and his sex that filled the small room.

“See that there? The Thompson men are quite the stars today, hey Dave?”

Dave ironed the paper flat with his hand. LADY SASQUATCH KILLED! screamed the headline in bold capital letters. There was a picture of Tucky kneeling beside his kill and grinning. FULL COVERAGE INSIDE! EXCLUSIVE!And in smaller print along the bottom of the page: CAT KIDNAPPERS CAUGHT!


At Rebecca’s house, her sister Julie read the news: “The two teenagers, who can not be identified under the Young Offenders Act, made it only three blocks from the Capital Hotel before being intercepted by law enforcement and subsequently arrested.” Julie stumbled over the word subsequently, finally replacing it with a frustrated whatever.

Lisa was frying up a ham-and-cheese omelet hangover special while Rebecca and Julie sipped coffee and munched on slices of multigrain toast. Bob was in the shower.

Rebecca had hoped to slip out of the house without a confrontation with her father, but had no such luck.
“And where do you think you’re going, young lady?” he said as he walked into the kitchen, his hair still wet.

“Young lady?” Julie laughed.

Bob glared at his youngest daughter. “Enough, Julie. I need to speak with your sister.”

“Half-sister,” Julie corrected as she brushed by him.

Rebecca stood in the kitchen doorway, her shoulders stooped and her head down. “I have to get to work,” she said.

The newspaper headlines caught Bob’s eye. LADY SASQUATCH KILLED! FULL COVERAGE INSIDE! EXCLUSIVE! Dammit. Rebecca. His eyes moved down the front page. CAT KIDNAPPERS CAUGHT! Dammit, Rebecca. He sighed. “I guess we’ll deal with this later then.” He couldn’t disguise the relief in his voice.

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