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Bob turned the car’s ignition off and lit up a cigarette. He hadn’t smoked in years, but it seemed an appropriate time to start again. He parked the car not in the driveway but on the street. He could see the living room lights on in the house, Lisa lurching around the room, probably drunk. Rebecca’s bedroom window looked out onto the front yard and Bob could see fragments of shadow, her blurred, loping gait behind the dark curtains. He inhaled deeply on his cigarette and reclined back in his seat, not ready to go in.

Inside, Rebecca pulled back one side of a curtain just a smidgen. Thought so. She went to the window after noticing the bright headlights of a car illuminate the street. She was prepared – psyched – for the inevitable confrontation with her father and wanted more than anything to get it over with. She had a plan. She could pay for the lawyer for the trial Dave said they’d face after they were caught stealing the mummified cat. She knew lawyers were expensive and Dave was convinced the trial could take a long time. So she’d make more dolls to sell and take Dave’s suggestion that she try to sell some of her collage work as well, like the ones that covered every inch of her bedroom walls.

A renewed sense of dread tore through her, weakening her confidence and causing her to question her stand-up-and-take-responsibility strategy. It was definitely her dad’s car parked outside on the street, and she could see he was smoking, the red cherry burning and suspended in the shaded light. This can’t be good, Rebecca thought. Her dad didn’t smoke, at least not since her younger sister Julie was born and she was fifteen.

That was one of her earliest memories, toddling around the backyard the day they brought baby Julie home from the hospital. She found her dad smoking near the shed he used as his business base before they moved and he got that loan to set the company up right. He was smoking near the shed, Rebecca remembered. He was nervous and shaky, looking scared. When he noticed Rebecca noticing him he dropped the cigarette and stamped it out. He picked her up and spun her around, then hugged her. He smelled of smoke, but she didn’t mind. He said that she would always be his favourite girl. She remembered this the most.

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