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“Jesus Christ!” Bob Richman stepped out of his car and into a puddle of blood. He followed the splatter and thick red clumps of what he could see clearly was blood mixed with matted tufts of coarse graying hair. It was close to midnight, but the sun still hung in the sky, like a yellow construction paper cut-out on the set of an elementary school stage play. A small group huddled in the parking lot of the Solid Gold Klondike Lodge. As he moved closer he could hear smatterings of English, German, some Quebecois.

They were crowded around a car – his car, Bob reminded himself, the old nineteen seventy-six boat of a Lincoln he and Tucky drove up north from Toronto twenty years back. It was the same car he sold Tucky for one-hundred bucks when Bob chose to stay out in the bush on their last Sasquatch hunt together.

“Jesus Christ!” He couldn’t help himself. Bloody mess. The car, for years black and pristine, was a mess of blood and hair and peeling gold spray paint, thanks to Stew, who worked for Tucky at the lodge and worse, was dating Bob’s youngest daughter, Julie.

The previous summer Tucky asked Stew to have the Lincoln detailed with the lodge name and logo – a gold nugget. Tucky believed it would be perfect for shuttling guests to and from the Whitehorse airport; it would give the operation a touch of quirky class. And after a late-night discussion with a couple of New York executives up for a week of fly-fishing and philandering, he determined the car detailing was the first step toward branding.

But Stew had a different interpretation of the brand. He took the money Tucky gave him to hire a detailer and instead hired himself and employed a dozen cans of metallic gold spray paint to help him complete the job.

He returned the car to Tucky all a-shimmer and with the words SOLID GOLD sprayed on in black block, haphazardly stenciled letters. The gold nugget logo was there, too – but in silver. But it was unidentifiable as a nugget of any kind and looked rather like a small metallic pile of shit.

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