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the characters (in order of appearance)

rebecca richman is a seventeen-year-old goth teen living in whitehorse, yukon. she's an especially sensitive girl who's self-conscious about her size and looks. she's recently graduated from high school and is planning to attend art school in the fall with her best friend, dave thompson. rebecca lives with her father, bob, her half-sister, julie, and her stepmother, lisa.

dave thompson is rebecca's best friend and fellow goth teen. he grew up in a faux-bavarian lodge on the outskirts of town with his father, tucky and his german mother, andrea. like rebecca, dave considers himself a burgeoning artist and the two often collaborate on projects together.

andrea thompson is dave's mother. she's forty-one and german, and runs the white rapids bake shoppe at her husband's solid gold klondike lodge. she's best known for her humourless attitude and the giant cinnamon buns she sells at her bakery.

lisa richman is rebecca's stepmother. like andrea thompson, she's forty-one. unlike andrea thompson, she's clinging to her pseudo-rebellious youth in vancouver when she attended art school, kept a pet albino ferret and considered herself wildly counterculture. she wears ramones t-shirts and has asymmetrical bangs.

paula winter is an ambitious young journalist working for thewhitehorse reporter. she suspects from the start that there's more to rebecca's story than her penchant for stealing dead cats, and is determined to find out more.

bob richman is rebecca's father and local snow machine dealer. he moved to the yukon from toronto 20 years ago with his long-time friend, tucky thompson. word of tucky's kill sends bob into a panic — he's encountered the lady sasquatch once before.

tucky thompson is dave's father, andrea's husband, tourist lodge proprietor, heavy drinker and hopeless braggart. he's fully immersed himself in yukon life and has created for himself a larger-than-life personality which grows even bigger in the aftermath of the lady sasquatch shooting.

stew mckenzie is tucky's right-hand man at the lodge and the sometimes boyfriend of julie richman, rebecca's 15-year-old half-sister. he's crass, brawny and not particularly bright, though some find his lack of pretension and unselfconscious nature endearing.

jeremy is a senior writer for the whitehorse reporter. he'd rather be covering "real news" like forest fires than chasing the lady sasquatch story.

julie richman is rebecca's 15-year-old half-sister and stew's some-time girlfriend.

kelly owns caribou corner gift shoppe and ice cream shack, where rebecca works part-time.

raylene florio and her best friend nicole were high school classmates of rebecca and dave, but wouldn't give either of them the time of day until the lady sasquatch saga begins.

dr. tuttle is the psychologist rebecca sees after her family secret is revealed.

yoshi oba is an eccentric art patron who runs vancouver's art motel.

and/or is a transsexual artist and resident at yoshi oba's art motel.

devin is an art-world darling, resident at the art motel and rebecca's big crush.

jimbeau is a video artist at the art motel, and stacey is the resident fashion designer.

scott and tom are the producers of the documentary, sasquatch summer.

aaron is the leader of an animal rights group that has come to whitehorse to help rebecca get custody of her mother, the lady sasquatch.


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