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art plays a key role in halfsquatch: from dave's paintings to yoshi oba's art motel, to of course, rebecca's goth dolls and collage work, it seemed natural that the story to be illustrated — but how? originally, there were to a handful of black-and-white photographs shot in the yukon to represent certain turning points in the story. then it was going to be minimalist polaroids shot on location. neither style seemed quite right.

i had already been experimenting with altered art, making collage and mixed media pieces specifically to be photographed. the picture would be the final product, this i knew, but how i got there took some trial and error, many, many magazines and brochures, countless x-acto blades, a lot of patience (and a lot of profanity on those not-so-patient days) and near-daily trips to the art store and the lab. glue was stuck to my fingers, my arms, sometimes my hair, for months, but the 104 images inspired by rebecca and the halfsquatch story made all the glue-hands and paper cuts worth it.

each collage was created using images dating from the 1940s to present day; they came from magazines, books, brochures and maps. thousands were cut and hundreds were used. how they came together was often instinctual and only occasionally was a piece created for a particular scene. the work is thematic, surreal, rarely literal, and hopefully compelling.

the final images have been altered four times since their original state. pictures were carefully cut and glued to 10"x10" gessoed canvas board that had been individually prepped with a geometric background of colourful origami paper. the finished collages were then photographed with a holga cfn toy camera in natural light using expired agfa rsx-II medium format slide film, which gives the shots their distinctive grain. the film was cross-processed as colour negative film to further heighten the colour contrast and saturation. finally, the photos were scanned, cropped and ready to go. (aside from unavoidable cropping and removal of dust and in more unfortunate situations, glue residue, the photographs are not digitally altered.)

watch for new shots daily through the summer — you'll notice recurring images of dolls, hair removal paraphernalia, butterflies, cocktails and dreamy, fantastical scenes involving polar bears and woolly mammoths. ultimately, the aesthetic that evolved which i now share with halfsquatch readers suits the story better than i could have ever imagined. enjoy!

— pamela klaffke, may 2008


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